The 2020 Problem

This new decade promises to be an exciting one for technology bringing times of great change, which is why Microsoft has been keen to phase out its old software in favour of more up-to-date, 2020-compatible software.

On the 14th of January we bid farewell to Windows 7, Office 2010 and a whole host of other important software. This is what’s known as The 2020 Problem.

If you're still not prepared to face The 2020 Problem take a peek at our guide to get the full picture of how big the issue really is.



Find out why your business is at risk!

When it comes to "The 2020 Problem" it's important to know what your next steps need to be

Download our guide to gain a better understanding on the following:

  • What the problem is and how it will effect you
  • Examples scenarios
  • List of software coming to "end of life"
  • Why you need to act
  • Your options
  • Facts and figures
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